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In-Home Service Providers

Be in Control and in Compliance



Always know whether services are delivered according to the scheduled plan of care, and deal with exceptions expediently. 


HostedTime provides real-time information about caregivers arriving and departing from customer locations.  Most importantly, it sends out alerts if a visit is delayed or missed.


Be in control of your workforce, any time and from anywhere.


It is just a matter of time until all states require use of an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system as part of their compliance protocol for in-home service providers.


Whether required or not, HostedTime keeps track of the time and types of services delivered, down to the minute.


Audit trails are created for all user and system actions, and reports tell the story of who, what, and when to satisfy the most demanding auditors.


Pay only for what you need and only as long as you are happy with our service.


HostedTime grows and contracts with your business.  We understand that employee turnover can be significant, and thus allow to adjust users on a daily basis, at a very reasonable price per user.  And there is no minimum fee, no minimum contract commitment, and no charge for new releases.


Being in control and in compliance is just the baseline to run your business.  We use the service data we collect during the EVV process to create and submit reimbursement claims to government agencies.  We also feed the timesheet information to your payroll system and can interface with other IT systems in your organization.


Key Features

Scheduling / Plan of Care Management

HostedTime functions efficiently with and without schedules.  If visits follow a specific plan of care,  visit times with variable grace periods can be scheduled and assigned to caregivers.   Duration-based schedules allow caregivers to arrive any time during a defined time period as long as the visit stays within authorization limits.


HostedTime lets you monitor your service operations through dashboards, email and text message alerts, exception handling, and reports.

Electronic Visit Verification

HostedTime provides a multitude of visit verification options:  Real-time options include mobile device verification with geofencing, IVR telephony verification with biometric voice recognition, as well as biometric time clocks for institutional settings.  Off-line options include our Presence Verification Devices that can be used in even the most challenging settings where data, telephone, and access to power are not available.

Claims Management

HostedTime validates data collected during a caregiver's visit against the corresponding plan of care of the customer in real-time and either prevents or flags any exceptions based on configurable rules.  The system can then either export validated claim information to an agency's 3rd party billing system, or directly submit claims to government systems such as eCCPIS and transfer 837/835/99 files between HostedTime and Medicaid.

Payroll Integration

HostedTime maintains all the data required for payroll processing and provides a workflow to approve all hours worked before they are reimbursed during a payroll run.  Our integration engine can either interface with your existing payroll system, or we can even provide you with a new payroll solution together with HostedTime.

Access from Anywhere, Anytime

HostedTime is cloud-based, so there is no computer hardware or software for you to install.  Just use your favorite web browser to access HostedTime 24/7/365 from any location.  We handle all the hardware, software, maintenance, upgrades, and patches, keeping your business automatically up-to-date.


HostedTime is accessed via SSL over HTTPS, meaning that all your data is encrypted when sending information to us.  Additionally, our time clocks also encrypt all sensitive communication with AES 256 before sending it to HostedTime and the clock database itself is encrypted with AES 256.

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Why Choose Us?


The HostedTime service was created based on many years of experience implementing, supporting, and main- taining time & attendance systems.  Our clients range from small family businesses to municipalities with hundreds of collective bargaining units.


We understand both the business and the technology, from creating plans of care to processing claims and payroll.



We continuously improve and enhance HostedTime for all of our customers.


We understand that every business is unique, and one size does not fit all.  Most requirements can be addressed through the many configuration options that HostedTime provides.  And in case something can't be done today, we gladly take feature requests.



We are a small and nible business, and you get to talk to the person best suited to answer a question or to receive a service request.


We constantly strive to keep our systems running smoothly, but if a problem does occur, the key is to be able to get to the people who can resolve it in a responsive manner.


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